To better embrace the web3.0 era, and enable more community members and users can benefit from Bit.Store's growth, while participating in Bit.Store. Bit.Store will issue the STORE token as the native token.

Token Information


Ticker: STORE

Total Supply: 1 Billion

What can you do with STORE?

1.Governance: In the early stages, STORE will be used for governance voting. In Bit.After Store's full product and community will eventually become a DAO (decentralized autonomous organisation), and the STORE governance token will enable holders to manage the entire system.

2.Earn: STORE will be used for the staking or farming of STORE, for a variety of ecosystem benefits.

3.Fee discounts: When users at Bit.Store trades in digital assets, you can use STORE for a handling fee deduction.

4.Support: We support experts in sharing professional information, knowledge, or trading strategies. Many experts may impart knowledge or information through social network tools such as articles, live broadcasts, short videos, groups, and users can support long-term sharing by experts by rewarding the experts with STORE tokens.

Token Distribution

Deflationary Economic Model - Algorithmic Reduction of Circulating Supply

To enhance value STORE has adopted a deflationary economic model. In fee discount scenarios, 50% of the STORE used to pay fee discounts will be burnt. In addition, Bit.Store will use 20% of its revenue to buy STORE on the market and burn it.

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