With Bit.Store we have built a cryptocurrency online investment app for entry-level investors which offers user-friendly cryptocurrency trading and investment.
Users can perform fast, simple cryptocurrency transactions and they can have access to a data bank of multiple traders, investment strategies, profitability records, transaction records, and more.
Through this transparent tracking of transactions, the social investment concept is actualized, and it develops into a comfortable learning curve for newcomers. It creates a community for both entry-level and seasoned investors.

Bit.Store offers the following advantages

Cryptocurrency Investing Online

The app is designed with the following features in mind:
  • Convenient and ease-of-use.
We have redesigned the transaction process. Unlike mainstream crypto exchanges, we have designed the transaction process to make it easy for investors. Our customers can select a crypto asset, view prices, and choose their fiat payment method to complete their transaction in just a few simple steps.
  • Transactions are convenient and fast.
Users do not need to understand complex concepts such as private and public keys or chart analysis, and they can complete transactions directly with their local fiat currency. Moreover, users can complete their transactions in under a minute compared to existing mainstream crypto investment platforms.
  • Security and Compliance.
Bit.Store's Bitcoin assets will be deposited to Coinbase, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges and Cobo, Asia’s largest crypto wallet. In the event of asset loss, the affected value would be compensated in full by the custodian. In addition, Bit.Store is regularly audited by the renowned global institution, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), to ensure the security of the user's assets. At the same time, our platform is in compliance with national laws and regulations and actively cooperates with regulators. Furthermore, our fiat payment channels are acquired from regulated financial institutions that provide first-in-class transaction monitoring and traceability to source of funds.

User Community

Cryptocurrency is gradually going mainstream and we aim to provide a platform where everyone can participate. Our users can conduct one-click Bitcoin transactions, and they can access a multitude of trading data. Anyone can interact with fast and cost-effective transactions by simply following expert investors if they wish.
Bit.Store is able to provide users with a credible social trading platform based on the transparency of blockchain finance. On Bit.Store app, transactions are shared by experts and are publicly available to everyone. The platform is open and transparent.
Through Bit.Store, anyone can transact like an expert, and it results in mutually beneficial results for both experts and ordinary users.

Business Model

Transaction Fees on Sell Orders

Users are not charged transaction fees on buy orders in order to encourage initial investment on the platform. On sell orders, users will be charged a percentage-based transaction fee on the total sell order.

Commission on Trade Signals Fees

Senior investors are able to provide the trading signals for other users to copy their trades. Signals providers have the option to charge a fee for providing their signals (signal fees). Bit.Store will charge a small commission on signal fees collected.