Long-term planning

Basic Service

In the crypto investment business, we will continue to promote globalization and user growth based on security and compliance. To this end, we will continue to improve our payment network and launch large-scale user recruitment programmes, activities, and events.

Construction of the payment network

A security-compliant payment network is the foundation of our business. We will continue to expand our list of countries and regions and we expect to complete sign-up and coverage in most major global regions and markets in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and South America by 2023. This will enable us to provide a global service.

Growth in the user network

Platform supporters will be acquired primarily through community marketing, completing the accumulation of platform supporters by guiding our 100,000 community on Telegram. After completing the supporters accumulation, our user growth will mainly come in three ways:
  • Precision advertising
To successfully reach our target market, we will utilize the user statistics tools provided by Google, Facebook, and other platforms to accurately target new user acquisitions and continue to grow the Bit.Store ecosystem. By using these tools, we will be able to most effectively reach potential users with our messaging.
  • Local channel cooperation
Our Bitcoin investment products connect to wallet apps, financial apps, e-commerce platforms, and other investment channels in the form of plug-ins, APIs, and SDKs. We will also collaborate with local companies to profit-share and gain user exposure in new territories.
  • Community benefits
Referral programs will incentivise and release relevant rewards to users who use their knowledge and expertise in community settings to help other members. They will be a key component of user growth

Continued globalization

We will gradually provide services to global users in stages.
Stage 1: Southeast Asia Stage
2: The Middle East and South America Stage
3: North America, Europe, and Australia

Business Extension

We will extend our business on a Bitcoin investment to increase engagement and revenue:

Community Business

We will continue to enrich the content of the community to increase user knowledge of cryptocurrency, trading skills, industry trends, and other information. We will introduce KOLs and professional media to synchronously guide users to interact with each other and increase their opportunity to earn.

Member Services

Depending on the net value of the account, users are automatically classified into different levels of member clubs and assigned dedicated asset allocation managers. Bit.Store provides rich educational resources, mainly including news and investment analysis, and financial market guidance. In the areas of news and investment analysis, we will guide investors to focus on certain asset categories. The Bit.Store School provides members with online / offline courses to systematically learn about asset classes such as cryptocurrency.

Extension of Investment Categories

In addition to cryptocurrency, according to the licenses and compliance of different countries and regions, other asset classes such as stocks, currencies, commodities, indexes, ETFs and so on will gradually be added. Users can choose assets to build diversified portfolios according to their personal investment needs and risk preferences.


Building on our foundation of convenience and simplicity in exchanging crypto for fiat, we will introduce more advanced and innovative financial services to users, such as crypto fixed investments, ETF investing, and collateralized loans. These new features will still appeal to newcomers.
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