Fiat Currency Payment Network and Partnerships

Currently we have a strong established fiat currency payment network in more than 20 countries and regions via cooperation with nearly 40 payment companies. We achieved strategic partnerships with the top three global crypto exchanges to provide cryptocurrency transaction services. In working with an International Bank and International Payment Agency, Bit.Store will ensure to provide Bitcoin investment services to all its customers. Bit.Store has obtained a Hong Kong MSO license; a US MSB license and a Canadian MSB license. Application for an Indonesian trade license is expected to be approved in Q1 of 2022. Bit.Store also possesses a European EMI license as well as a South American trade license and other country and regional business authorization.

User Community

Bit.Store currently has nearly 200,000 users worldwide and our daily active users have reached nearly 50,000 per day. Thanks to our community operation experience and based on the current user expansion, we anticipate Bit.Store will exceed 1 million users worldwide within a year. In addition to the growing user numbers, Bit.Store values community engagement. We have built discussion groups and communication channels through social media platforms like Telegram and Twitter.
Faced with a diversity of users, the Bit.Store Community Platform implements various operating and marketing strategies to:
  • Encourage reputable and competent KOLs to share their experience.
  • Introduce professional media agencies to publish credible articles.
  • Reward and incentivise everyday users participating in activities, trialling products, posting reviews, and comments.

Include two types of users

  • Beginner Investors
Beginner investors are able to obtain valuable trading strategies. Users can choose the signals they want to track and deposit assets in a way that emulates those signal traders’ strategies. This will help users manage their accounts. At the same time, users with unmanaged accounts can, of course, fully control their own assets. If a particular signal trader‘’s strategy performs poorly, the users following him/her can withdraw their assets at any time and invest in other traders' strategies. It is also possible to track and emulate the strategies of multiple traders simultaneously, and in this way spread risk.
  • Signal Traders
Professional and senior investors are at the core of Bit.- Store’s model. These are the users that create and manage their own trade portfolios and allow less experienced users to emulate them. They are referred to as signal traders or signal investors.
Signal traders can earn well through a managed strategy. The signal trader can establish a management fee on their trading portfolio, and investors using it will pay a corresponding management fee. On Bit.Store signal traders can also create groups, manage followers, promote themselves to new investors, and communicate with other top traders around the world.